Top 10 Basic Group Discussion Tips for Interview

Last updated on January 12th, 2021 at 02:46 am

The following are the very basic group discussion tips that should be taken care of. There are no hard ground group discussion rules but the following things should be kept in mind. 

1) Listen

This is a mistake done by almost 99% of candidates appearing for a GD, that’s why I kept it at number 1. Everyone just want to throw their points but no one listens to what others are saying (Not just keep listening throughout the discussion XD). Listening patiently reflects a lot of positive traits and also it can save your life if you don’t anything about the topic, you can just listen to three others and make your point out of that.

2) Practice

There is a saying “Practice Makes a Man Perfect” and it is absolutely right. To get sixes in a group discussion match you need practice and the best way is to practice is the mockGD platform where you get real interview like environment and will be speaking in front of others and practicing daily will make your fear of speaking go away.

 3) Time Management

Time is one of the crucial things. During the group discussion, make yourself sure that you will speak not less than two minutes.

4) Thinking and Communication Ability

The next thing required is your communication skill. Neither rush to complete your point very fast nor be too slow. Maintain a steady pace that is required to make your sentence clear to others and understandable also.

5) Body Language and Looks

The first impression is the best impression. During the group discussion, your body language defines what you are in real and your look can help you to gain an extra point.

Top 10 Basic Group Discussion Tips for Interview
Top 10 Basic Group Discussion Tips for Interview

 6) Take Initiative or Try to Conclude

Your starting will define how well you are going to play and your ending will tell either you win or you lose. Always try to take initiative or try to conclude at last in group discussion. It will give you special attention from the interviewer.

 7) What if you know nothing about the Topic?

During the group discussion, sometimes, we don’t have knowledge about the topic going to be discussed. In such a situation first, listen to 4 -5 points of other members and then use the information to make your point. You can conclude in this situation.

8) Leadership and Teamwork

Group discussion is not a game of a single person, it is teamwork. It represents how well you can connect with your team, how well you can manage yourself in a group. It also defines your leadership qualities such as taking initiative, listening to your team-mate carefully, being a supporter of the points you agree with. But never keep on arguing with others and never interrupt any other. Remember it is a group discussion, not a fish market.

 9) Confidence

Your confidence will differentiate you from others. While giving your point, be confident just like Bhaskar (Govinda) in Partner but just don’t stand up on the table to make everybody listen to you. It defines how determine you are, how well you can handle a situation, your teammate.

10) Never underestimate yourself

Don’t get nervous while speaking in group discussions. Some candidates often get nervous to the point that they faint or fall unconscious. And the only way to get out of this is practicing and practicing daily to boost confidence in youi

These are the best group discussion tips that really gonna help you in clearing your group discussion phase of the interview. If you want to clear your GD phase; must follow these group discussion tips during the interview. Be the first to share these group discussion tips with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn etc

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